First day of class

My first day of class, I’m just gonna flat out tell my students “I don’t think we’ll really need to use grades any this semester.  I trust enough in my ability to teach and in y’all’s desire to learn, that we’ll be fine without them.  This way, none of us will have to worry any about them, and we’ll be able to focus on getting to know eachother, learning as a group, supporting eachother and all. 

           “I’d like to point out that I don’t think this necessarily makes this an ‘easy’ class.  I want to challenge each of you, and hold high expectations for what y’all can accomplish.  ‘No grades’ does not mean ‘no feedback’.  I plan on asking questions, proposing problems, suggesting projects or activities throughout the semester, and will always try to be responsive to each of you at an individual level.”


I’m pretty sure I can pull this off successfully in a high school physics or math class.  If this could work in a high school physics class, it could work in any K-12 classroom, right?  Wouldn’t this create a better learning environment for everyone?


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