High School Observation 9-12-07

For part of my current education class, teaching science methods, we have to spend time observing a high school classroom and then writing a journal entry/reflection about it.

Here is my entry from observing a high school anatomy class.

“Our teacher started class today with a lecture reviewing the organs in the abdominal pelvic cavity, (located from the hips to the bottom of the lungs). This took about 25 minutes, then the class got the rest of the time to split into groups and work on their projects. I thought this was a pretty good break for them; sitting listening to a lecture can get pretty boring. The teacher does things like asking for volunteers to do a demonstration for her or answer questions, but it’s still definitely more lecture than discussion.

“As teachers we assume that the content we teach is important and worth learning. For students though, it usually feels more important to be playing sports, trying to figure out what things they enjoy, and trying to find their place socially (even if they’ve sometimes convinced themselves that these feelings are wrong.)”


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