High School Observation 9-17-07

“Which should be a teachers’ bigger priority, the content they are teaching or the social development of the students? In our system of education, the first priority of a teacher is to teach their content. The good ones will do a lot to work socially beneficial lessons and activities into the content they teach, but they are working within the framework of their content area.

“Maybe we should sometimes take the opposite approach to education. Maybe we should start in the framework of the the students’ social development and try to fit the content into that.

“In other words, instead of starting class with a lesson topic (i.e. ‘the food chain’ or something) and hoping students will occasionally find some way that topic is relevant to their lives, maybe we should at least half time start class discussing the students’ lives and hope that we can occasionally connect their lives to the subject content.

  Class begins with: We are hoping that:
Education now – Today’s lesson plan Students can connect the lesson to their lives
Education as it could be – The students’ lives Teachers can connect students’ lives to the subject content.


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